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News: Kawute Leaves Echo Soundz

Kawute, the Aim Nation President has finally given words about his encounter with Echo Soundz Entertainment, a record label in the Upper West Region. He went on to say that he had tried his best to keep it but his "so-called management" has done nothing about the situation. In his own words he said, "I know a lot of you might not be cool with this, but i have to let this out now."

It boils down to how he had been with Echo Soundz Entertainment for more than two years without proper signing or management as an artiste.  
On MuzikHyte Group he wrote "Echo Soundz Entertainment offered to manage me as their Artiste in 2013 but it wasn't a contract based but was rather a mutual agreement, which did not go down well with me because it was mutual, but i accepted the proposal thinking that the management was to put me on probation for some months before they will then officially sign me to the label  and then perform all the necessary duties required of a manager, so that we start serious business, and now is been almost three (3) years but nothing has changed and i have not realised any transition in my carreer which they can boast of being responsible for. Any change that you guys can see in my carreer now compared to those days i was doing music without a management and now, is done by my own self and in support of my good friends around me. Being under a so called management for three (3) years without any change in my carreer is a waste of time. "

"Managing and establishing an artiste is not an easy task. In managing and establishing  an artiste you are expected to dedicate much time for the Artiste, verifying my facebook fanpage is the least thing a management should do for an artiste but they didnt. I admit that a lot of we upcoming artistes are always ungrateful in return to our managements but a manager too should do more for his artiste  because artiste managers always  has a commision on every earning receipts for the artiste." He added

Kawute continued by expressing his unexpected treatment that he doesn't see any better effort the so-called management team is putting in supporting his career and further on emphasised that any one who wants to book him or do business with him should contact him directly. 



I hope my friends, fans and anybody that believe in me should understand and forgive me.

May God Almighty Bless Echo Sounds Recordz.

The Hustling and Bustling still continues..