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Lyrics: Hamtyzer - Sokoto | Prod. by TMI

Hamtyzer (Sokoto) lyrics

Yeah, Ooooooo yeah..!
kutaimake ni
Asor kaei ni
Aaaaaayea Aaaaayaaa..!!

[Verse 1]
When the freezing winter comes and back the day
It is said its meant to make memories stay
But i cant wait to unfolder ah piece of paper that ah kept in my pocket right till this day
But hold on ah second yes, where did it go.?
Its contain all that i had in here, in here Ooo sorri i mean right in here
It contain what it contained
Wah i scribbled down

The friendship directions
What i had in mind was love and affection
What ah wanna give you wud not regret it
So trust me
Am not lyk them, but why that stare? I hate the way they looking down on me jxt lyk they doing now
They looking down on me
Untill today ah thought they were the 9cess ones  but then i guess they all the same.
Take ah good good look at me they say am not good for you
To hell with that, i could make you my empress the queen that you are
Write for you ah love song anytime

But this hour i want you in my arms
I want you to hold me tight
Esaa natse baakoowa ki noor ne
Bakoowa koowa ki noor ne
Ni daki zaamu awurey baawaa saa ba
Esaaa natse Bakoowa ki noor ne Bakoowa koowa ki noor ne.

Zang invite hajia damata
Memunata d3 Abibata plus all the "ta ta ta"  su zo) mu gamu malata
Gaa abinchi daadi tataley
Awuri mu baawaasa ba
Gaa shincafa d3 miyan kuukaaa Aaaa. [I love you]

So back to my hometown lets go Sokoto
Girl ah wan take you show my mommie
Back to my hometown lets go Sokoto, ebi there we do the haugodo [Repeat x2]

Aaaaaaayeah..! Kufaa'beni [Natse] Kutaimake ni [Natse] Asor kaei Aaaayeah, Aaaayeah..! So if you dont knw nw you know kufaa'beni
Know you knw now you Kutaimake ni now you knw now you knw Asor kaei ni
Aaaayeah !

[Verse 2]
Eeeices huhh
Lets take ah trip to the beach for you to knw whats on my mind
But first lemme compliment by saying you the best
And yet you said you have no mehn in your life.?
Oh God am blessed this my chance i really need to have her
So i asked, what do u do?
Do you leave around this hood ? She said yes am ah student my name is Hajia
Hajia i wanna take you back to my home let us tie the knot you are all that i knw

[Chorus] Repeat x2

Asaa kafa
Achire kafa
Asaa kafa Ataka
Achire kafa
Asaa kafa
Achire kafa
Jujuyaa Jujuyaa Aaaaaa..
Aba yaaayi yayi yayi yayi
Aba.! AaaaaaAaaa.. Yayi yayi yayi yayi

[Chorus] Repeat x2

Hamtyzer [Anchinchin]
Back to my hometown