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LYRICS: Hamtyzer ft Nana Ranking - Don't Go There | Prod. by TMI

Hamtyzer ft Nana Ranking(Dont Go There) Lyrics

[Nana Ranking] 
Yea.! Hamtyzer yah dunno say the gyal'lem too Bard you see it

Ang bie la? Who en pikin bi dat?
Ang bie la?  Kpogo sung beyeo la
Ang bie la? She dey trouble the neighbour hood..!

This girl fine but she's soo naive
The way she dance with her backa so naive
Her skin soo bright and her back soo fat
What she nuh get saf?
Charley she's killing me
Ah lil approach than she wan touch ma thing
She dey whine she dey twerk she wan thing, she wan touch your wat?
She wan zuk ma crouch but tell her not to go there

Ooh! Baby dont go there
The way you twist and whine make ah say thank God yeah!
And you know i like the things you do
But baby dont go there
Dont go there 3eee!
The things edey ma nika inside ebi harvy..
So dont go there
Dont go there Eeeyeaaah..!

[Nana Rankin] Verse.1
Bounce and whine fi me
Do it hard baby
Do the things yah want to do, do it hard fi me
Concetrate lady
Show them the skills baby
Do the twerk it make mi do dah tap it tap it.

Coz ah kindna like the way you make your body go,
Oooo girl you killing me
A bigger fool i became just becoz you here
So break it down just a little bit

Girl, girl i like the way you do you things and how you do it
And when you come around you make me act ah fool
And when you look at me you give me deja vu whou!
I want to spend my all with you

She's a five star chiq she no bi problematic
Easy to drive peee! peeee! Like automatic
She's soo fantastic and i think i like her
She makes a grown mehn cry with alot of tears
She bi tear rubber
She just dey tear things
She fit make you gimi gimi with en front things
Nana Rankin make you chork see en back she bi serious dangerious comodity

Repeat [Chorus]

[Nana Rankin] Verse.1

Repeat [Hook]

[Nana Rankin]
Push it up!  Push it up! Push it up!  Push it up yea!
Baby dont stop it
Pull it up!  Pull it up
Pull it up. Pull it ip!
Me love the you do that thing
Up to the tym gal you for no say this bi ma tym
Dont get scared
Make dah butty bounce
Bad gal style mi want dah now Nana Rankin again..!

[Nana Rankin] Verse.1

Repeat [Chorus]

[Hamtyzer]  lyk that
[Nana Ranking]  yah see it
[Hamtyzer] Chinchin