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The Tema-based musician Nana Boroo has reacted to Joe Frazier’s claim that he is not relevant in the music industry after Ghanaians lost interest in Azonto music, the type of music that shot him, Nana Boro to fame.

The musician in a chat with KMJ on Hitz FM has vowed to stop music entirely if the veteran rapper gets another hit song.

Nana Boroo said Joe Frazier’s claim that he is not relevant in the music industry because he is azonto artiste and azonto is out of the system is baseless. According to him, he still earns cash from his old songs.

Nana Boroo who feels disrespected said he expected such comments from artistes like Obrafour, Okyeame Kwame who are old but still relevant in the music industry but not Joe Frazier who had a hit song many years ago and is still struggling to be listed among top artistes in the country.

He advised the “Shee Shee” hitmaker to think about how he can revamp his career but not waste his time of jabbing his fellows.

“If you are telling me I’m azonto artiste that is why I’m not relevant then you have no fact. Even my one hit song “Aha ye de” is evergreen song. The song is like five years now and I’m still chopping from it so what is Joe Frazier or whoever he calls himself saying?

The last time I heard of him was that “shee shee” song and all respected him as a big brother but you can’t throw jabs at anybody if you don’t have facts.

That song has taken me to places I never thought of and I can choose not to do any song again but I won’t be hungry. Maybe he wants fame that is why he is doing that.

I feel disrespected because if it were to be Obrafour and Okyeame Kwame who are old but still relevant I would be cool but looking at him, he is kind of weak in the system. Instead of him thinking of how he can get a hit song, he is using his precious time to say these things.

I can bet with him, if he gets any hit song, I will stop music.” angry Nana Boroo said.