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Kawute To Collaborate with France Pupa Yotza

Pupa Yotza                            Kawute 

Lately we've been dancing to marvelous songs from Upper West Ghana: Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Pop, RnB, Afropop and many more.

Many call him the Dancehall King of Upper West Music, he is known in showbiz as Kawute, whiles his fans call him Aimsident (President of AimNation™) but I calls him the Dancehall Messiah.
 Kawute from the camp of Aim Nation is one of the fast rising Ghanaian artiste who hails from the Upper West. He has dropped many amazing tunes which has been given appraisal by Djs, both in the county and abroad. The love is always great when he's on stage to TurnItUp.

This year, dancehall/ reggae artistes after releasing a couple of instant hits such as DreamBoat, Dutty Mind, Shaminogbo and New Year through his hard work will be dropping another fire soon as he collaborates with Pupa Yotza - "a root reggae dancehall reggaeton" singer from France. is gonna produce one of the finest dancehall tunes which will get your head going gaga...

 His collaboration with Pupa Yotza, yet to be released is not just by chance but through his hard work and determination. Kawute has won the administration of both children and adults around the world with the kind of music he make. This shows how talented, serious and hard working he really is. His songs receives air play in oversee countries like the Uk - England, France, India USA and many others.

Are you ready for the heat coming, from the Aimsident, Kawute and Pupa Yotza - It's gonna be a murderer, achinchin maganshi when they TurnItUp. Expect something extraordinary from the Kawute..

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