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Expo: Les TwinX Gh Dance Crew to Release a New Video

Les TwinX Gh Dance Crew of Blue Prints was formed and founded by the twins, Gasmilla ( Dery Bright) and Jnr. Milla (Dery Brian) thus the name Les TwinX Gh. This dance crew is focused on exhibiting (showcasing the talents of the youth) the natural talents to the world with zeal and passion.

It's been a while after they released a flash video dance to Shabba. Through hard work and determination they have won the admiration of many, both old and you in the country.

Earlier last month, another good dancer was introduced to the crew. He goes by the names Chapterz (Bismark) in showbiz.

The crew will be releasing a new video - a dance to VVIPs Alhaji. Watch out for Les TwinX Gh, they really got something special to offer you. I call them the 3bees. These guys really got ma spines twerking... Lel.

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