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Maaseg Dagaati To Release A New Single

Maaseg Dagaati has been making waves for soo long with his style and genre in music. He has many tracks to his credit. You can talk of Paddy Man which is his latest track, 100% Dagaati, Years Gone By, Truth and many others….
He’s signed on the Legacy Empire Record Label since 2012 and has worked with so many artistes till present. Artiste he has worked with includes Kwame Baah, O.J, Big Boii, Slim Khala Twice Africana, and Jay Stormy, just to mention but a few.
According to our own unique source, Maaseg Dagaati will be releasing a new single he calls “Allahu Akbar” which literally mean “God is the Greatest”. The concept behind this song is to praise his maker for bringing him this far and for all what HE has done for him…
The release date for this track is still in the bag and our unique satellite sources haven’t heard any leaked information about that. We are doing our best to report to you every detail about this about-to-hit single.
Below are a few of his tracks for your hearing. We would much appreciate it if you leave a comment in the comment box below.

Download PaddyMan

Download 100%_Dagaati

Download Truth

Watch out for Allahu Akbar it's gonna be fire..... Dropping soon!